Friday, 15 August 2014

Rare Weinberg photos

Here are a few photographs of Weinberg, all of them found from various sources online. I have reproduced any information included with the photos - but many of them are a mystery. I welcome any input from readers.

(The following photo comes from a page of reminiscences by Adele Tsodikova, a relation of Weinberg's: link). 

Esther Weinberg, the composer's sister 
(complete mystery as to the origin of this photo and date taken - D. E. )

 1948. L-R, Rahling, Gorodinsky, Khrennikov, Kabalevsky, and Weinberg.

Portrait of Weinberg.
(Unknown year/origin - early 1950s? Appears to have been 'brushed-up' also).

 Weinberg attending a performance with Shostakovich (Irina Shostakovich at far left). 
(Unknown year/origin - mid 1960s?). 

The pictures above and below come from the archive of the RGALI library - and were posted on the DSCH facebook group page. 

1968. Rehearsal of Shostakovich's Violin Sonata. L-R, Shostakovich, Oistrakh, Pikaisen turning pages, and Weinberg accompanying.  

As mentioned above, please feel free to comment/email if you have further info about any of these images. And please do get in touch if you have any other rare photographs of Weinberg.


  1. The 'unknown' person on the 4th photo is Dmitri Kabalevski, a Soviet composer.

  2. Indeed! Many thanks for identifying - D.E.